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Titusonic Tehnology

Titusonic technology was developed to address the shortcomings of traditional wood joining methods. When using the WoodWelding® process, ultrasonic energy of approximately 20,000 cycles per second is applied to the join. The liquified plastic connector element is forced into the wood utilising the natural porosity of the wood for an entirely glueless process that is 30% stronger than traditional joinery methods and takes only seconds to complete.


Fastening is at least
3x faster than traditional methods


No more glue! This simplifies machinery and ensures a safer, environmentally-friendly process


30% stronger than its traditional wooden dowel rival


Can be used with most conventional furniture fittings

Titusonic Tehnology

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Titusonic® is a registered trademark of the Titus Group, which has been involved in the design and manufacture of connectors for the furniture market for over 30 years. Titusonic uses the revolutionary WoodWelding® fastening process to ultrasonically bond wood materials without the use of adhesives.

The Titus Group is committed to providing innovative precision component solutions to improve customer products and services. With offices and subsidiaries throughout Europe, Australasia and the USA, the Titus Group excels at meeting exacting requirements for quality and reliability.

The Titusonic technologies were developed to modernise the fastening of wood products and resolve issues in the traditional joining process. Through partnership with MODULR+, the extraordinary advantages of Titusonic are now available to benefit Australian homes.

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