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Frequently Asked Questions

MODULR+ kitchens are faster, stronger and offer countless options for customisation. MODULR+ offers the flexibility to create near-bespoke kitchens from a set list of carefully selected products and cabinets.

You can make the purchase direct from the MODULR+ website or you can ask your kitchen installer to assist you in designing and ordering your MODULR+ kitchen. 

The steps are simple:
1. Measure: Create an accurate measurement of your kitchen space. If unsure, contact a professional. 
2. Design & Choose: Use the kitchen builder and product drop down options online to choose your cabinets, colours and add-ons.
3. Order: Submit your order online and select your delivery or pick-up options.
4. Install: Source your installation professional and set a date to finish the job.

No, you do not have to purchase a whole kitchen to order MODULR+ products. We endeavour to cater to all cabinetry projects; big or small and in saying that products can be bought in large quantities or small quantities. For instance, we can supply cabinetry for a small office or an expansive wardrobe. Whatever you need, we’re here to make sure it can be done properly and effectively.

Kitchen design can be hard, and we’re here to ease that pain. Before starting with MODULR+ ensure you have a functional floor plan in place, whether it’s been certified by a qualified builder or exists from your current kitchen floor plan. Our Kitchen Planner takes into consideration everything you need to complete your kitchen and will not miss out on important details, unless you choose not to purchase them. If you have all those boxes checked get started, if you still want to learn more visit our blog where you can find further sources about getting your next renovation under way.

Simply complete the kitchen planner with your bench-top choices included. Next place your order and fill out the MODULR+ Bench-top Order Form. Forward the completed document and a sketch of your bench-top including layout and all joins across the countertop and send to We will confirm your bench-top order placement and will inform you on delivery methods.

MODULR+ purchases can be made directly through the website, meaning your orders reach us faster. Delivery can vary slightly due to current order quantities but we generally dispatch door and cabinetry orders within 7 business days. 

Please note: your order will not be dispatched until payment has been received in full!

Powered by Titusonic – MODULR+ kitchens use Titusonic ultrasound fastening technology to assemble cabinets with a completely glue-less process that is quicker, cleaner and 30% stronger than traditional cabinet joinery methods. All cabinets that are ordered arrive pre-assembled and pre-drilled. With our speedy production times, you won’t have to worry about waiting weeks or even months for your kitchen to be ready – order today and your ideal kitchen, designed by you and assembled by us can be ready to be install tomorrow.

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